Jacqueline’s experience within the industry reflects her passion for hair and her interaction with our clients. Her love of nature and joy of riding her horse brings to our salon a peace and tranquillity that is reflected in her key role of receptionist and hairdresser to ensures our team and our clients’ needs are achieved. Her passion on been healthy and having a good balance in life is the same as the Oway products we use.


Rebecca has worked internationally and is highly skilled in cutting, fashion styling and colouring, with great knowledge in colouring techniques. Able to apply a French colouring technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. She brings to the salon a unique cutting technique for creating texture and layering with long hair.


Cheryl as owner of Contours of Hair for over 35 years, is passionate about creating the correct style for our clients. With her team, together they take a fresh approach to hair, taking age and lifestyle into consideration. Cheryl is a master cutter and with her team they create new hair styles and colours to bring complexions alive. She is constantly updating and training staff in the latest cutting and colour trends from all over the world.


Clare is a hairdresser with a strong interest in colouring and styling. Her interests in wellness, fitness and nutrition goes hand in hand with Contour’s branding using Organic products and colouring system with no harsh chemicals in them. She passionate about her work and enjoys using and applying fresh new techniques when creating new looks for her clients, including seamless balayage and stunning colours to suit your personal needs and desires. One of Clare’s loves is to create beautiful wavy styles as she herself has curly hair and knows all the techniques.

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